Creative Dyary 2017

This is a record of my Creative Dyary for 2017 - if you've not come across a Creative Dyary before  it's a manilla cover journal with a page for your week's activities on the left and a page for you to decorate in the right. These decorative pages have been pre-made with printed backgrounds or black and white pictures for you to complete. More on the Dyary can be found here.
The cover for my Dyary looks like this (and the blog post with more photos is here):
The inside cover to the Dyary looks like this:
Week commencing 24 April
Love this chap standing next to the huge flower - I can't decide if he's sheltering, waiting for someone or hoping he'll grow as big as it one day!
Week commencing 17 April
My birthday week so a birthday inspired page! 
Week commencing 10 April
Got to have an April Shower's inspired page...! I bought the raindrop stencil especially for the show at Ally Pally! How did I not have one in my stash?!
Week commencing 3 April
This was one of the preprinted pages which meant I got to spend the week colouring it in whilst fitting in acting as the children's chauffeur!
Week commencing 27 March
I loved the background of this page so made a complementary tag and added Wendy's tulip. 
Week commencing 20 March
I am really enjoying using my Dyary and this is this week's Dyary page using my PaperArtsy and Elenazinski stamps. I've shared the entries this week as they highlight my growing suspicion that my 14 year old son is up to something as he cooked dinner three times in a row... hmmm...!
Week commencing 13 March
This page features one of my most treasured stamps - I adore Su!
Week commencing 6 March
Every so often there is a blank page pre-printed which can be coloured. Very therapeutic when watching the TV after a busy day!
Week commencing 27 February

I love the whole showman feel of this page!
Week commencing 20 February
Sometimes you have a bonkers week and this page summed it up perfectly!
Week commencing 13 February
One of the first pages and also one of my firm favourites.
February 2017


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Susie Locicero said...

Love your Dyary, both the art and the way you are using it!

christy green said...

Thank you for sharing. I just got my dyary in the mail and I can't wait to get started. Thanks for the inspiration!!

Sandra Botham said...

Oh wow this is fabulous, love it all. So creative and colourful. xx